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7 tips to improve your customer retention.

Published on July 24, 2020  - Updated on December 01, 2023

You are looking forward to improve your customer retention and decrease your churn rate ? Here are 7 tips to help you.

1) Make sure customers can help themselves

Most customers will always find the information for themselves on your website before calling or sending an email. This is why finding an answer to their question quickly and easily is primordial.

To do this there are 3 very simple solutions:

- An FAQ (frequently asked questions) on your site with most of the answers to the questions that are regularly asked. If a customer asks you a question, chances are a lot of people are asking the same question!

- A virtual advisor. More and more frequently used, the virtual adviser is a good solution to simulate a human relationship with the client and answer his questions. Also, if the virtual advisor does not have an answer to the client's question, it is quite possible to redirect the client to one of your employees.

- A live chat. Virtual chat is a good way to create interaction with your customers. Much like a conversation on social networks, the customer will be able to interact directly with one of your employees to answer their potential questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

2) Don't forget about customers

The most important thing to retain customers is the emotion perceived by the customer when interacting with your business. If a customer has a more specific question that cannot be answered via the 3 solutions mentioned above, it is important to offer him a telephone contact or via email to make him feel the interest shown by your company in him. If the customer feels neglected, they are more likely to turn to you in the future.

3) Analyze the verbatims of your customers

If you want to improve your customer journey and thereby reduce your attrition rate, it is essential to take into account the comments of your customers. Indeed, who better to talk about your products or services than those who use it? At Q°emotion, we offer a verbatim analysis solution to automate this task, which can sometimes be long and daunting. Our semantic and emotional analysis solution will allow you to know the emotions felt by your customers and identify irritants. Thus, you will be able to react accordingly and meet their expectations!

4) Listen to your teams

Your employees are often the ones who will interact with your customers and listen to their problems, they are the ones who will speak with your frustrated or disappointed customers. This knowledge is also a real gold mine, which is why it is also very interesting to question your teams about their point of view and what they are facing to further and always improve the quality of your service and thus retain your customers.


5) Don't neglect training

It is not enough to recruit well, it is also necessary to train employees. Remember, they are the ones who will be in contact with your customers! While in the previous points we talked about the fact that information should be easy to access for your customers, it should also be easy for your employees. It may be interesting, for example, to offer them a dedicated FAQ for the questions most frequently asked by new employees.

6) Centralize your customers' feedback

Collecting feedback from your customers can quickly lead you to scatter information all over the place, which is why it is essential to centralize all this information to find it easily and not forget important details. The Q ° emotion solution allows you to group on the same platform Google reviews, Trip Advisor, survey responses, chat conversations, etc ... While offering you the analysis of these, you will, therefore, have an overview of the same support which will allow you to be all the more efficient and responsive in the process of building customer loyalty.

7) Keep your customer in touch!

After having collected and analyzed the opinions of your customers, all is not over, it is now very important to thank them and let them know that their opinions have been taken into account.

In addition, it may also be interesting to return to the points most mentioned in these opinions or to let them know that you are going to work on the most cited subjects.

This will make them feel considered and the image they have of your brand will only be strengthened.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you, to automate this process of collecting and analyzing customer verbatim statements, don't hesitate to try the Q°emotion tool for free.


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