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Customer relations: How can you humanize your bank?

Published on April 23, 2020  - Updated on December 01, 2023

Customer relations: How can you humanize your bank for your customers?

The digital transition that banks have been undergoing in recent years has enabled customers to feel more in proximity with their banks. Carefully developing their communication and customer service strategies across multiple channels, today's banks do not lack the digital tools for customers to interact directly with them. However, digital should not be a pretext to leave aside the human aspect of customer relations. Even if communication through digital is accessible to the greatest number of people, there will always be a feeling that your customer will seek to make you understand, in relation to your service, the quality of your interactions and much more.

The balance between customer proximity to the bank and the digitalization of the bank must be observed in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction. Don't settle for a one-sided approach. The importance of understanding the expectations and concerns of your customers must be taken into account, especially in the banking sector, which is a primary source of interest in the lives of your customers.

Emotional analysis is undoubtedly a way for you. To humanize your bank in the best possible way, with customers who are increasingly connected and more and more demanding, by distinguishing where your business is working and where it is not.

The digital breakthrough is changing the habits of banking industry.

Customer expectations have changed drastically compared to banking before the digital age. There are fewer visits to the agency and less face-to-face interaction with bank advisors. However, the expected level of service is not lowered, on the contrary. The increased use of multiple service or communication channels (such as mobile applications, websites with real-time information) encourages an increasingly personalised customer relationship, with customer satisfaction rising each year.


How do customers perceive banks?

According to the 9th edition of Deloitte's 2019 Bank & Client Relationship Survey, 65% of French people trust their bank and 87% of French people are also satisfied with their banks. However, there are also 40% of them who express the wish for better customer knowledge and better consideration of their interests.

How can we interpret these results?

Be careful not to forget the important thing: The human part.

This multi-channel nature causes a higher and faster response demand than before. The customer has access from home to the services he requires thanks to digital tools, resulting in a better global satisfaction. However, we must not forget the essential when dealing with consumers.

Nothing can replace the human element in customer relations. In case of worries, disputes or problems, customers generally use digital tools to interact with their banks. But this is not the same as a physical exchange with an interlocutor, who will listen in detail to what may be of concern to a customer.

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The compromise? Q°emotion offers it to you

So how can we reconcile the digital accessibility that affects the banking sector with a better understanding of customer feelings and expectations? Emotional analysis brings you a solution. Indeed, to help a bank to make progress in its humanization, the Q°emotion analysis solution offers you, through the segmentation of the 6 primary emotions (joy, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, disgust), a better interpretation of your satisfaction survey data / NPS, or simply the opinions that your customers leave you by email or on the internet. This way, you can identify the priority areas for improvement because they are very badly experienced, or those that come back the most and which strongly affect your customers. A way to bridge the gap between increased digitalization and lack of physical contact.

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