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Floa Bank (BNP Paribas) - Testimonial

Published on December 15, 2022  - Updated on December 05, 2023

Q°emotion X Floa Bank: Semantic and emotional analysis to process customer feedback

Voted Customer Service of the Year 2023, Floa Bank is the French champion of payment facilities. Also present in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal, Floa has more than 4 million customers and finances more than €2.5 billion worth of goods and services each year. Since February 2022, FLOA has joined the BNP Paribas group to accelerate its growth and become a European champion in payment facilities. 

Floa Bank - Online Banking

Q°emotion supports Floa Bank in the semantic and emotional analysis of their verbatims in order to improve the customer journey and experience.

Astrid Roux, in charge of customer voice at Floa, shares her experience with us.

Astrid Roux - Floa Bank

Hello Astrid, thank you for accepting to answer these few questions. Could you first introduce yourself and Floa Bank?

Astrid : So Floa Bank is in the online banking business. Within this organization I am in charge of the customer voice. The customer voice is a program for collecting customer feedback that allows us to analyze customer insights on our different paths. Indeed, since we work in online banking, it is true that we are working hard on the dematerialization of the path. Both in terms of subscriptions and at the back-office level, since at this level, we have become very dematerialized and digitalized. For example, we have set up a chatbot that is available to customers to facilitate the contact process. So as the person in charge of the voice of the customer, I am responsible for making the voice of the customer heard within the organization, and all of this data, all of these channels, all of these customer journeys represented a considerable amount of feedback to analyze.

So what were your issues and problems before using the Q°emotion solution?

Astrid : The difficulties I had to face on the voice of the customer data came from the collection and the volume of feedbacks. The number of comments to be processed was very large and doing this analysis work manually required an astronomical amount of work. We absolutely had to equip ourselves with an automatic semantic analysis tool, which is how we found Q°emotion. Moreover, Q°emotion brought this icing on the cake: the expression of the emotional temperature that the customer had felt while giving his feedback. For Floa, the customer feedback is a nugget because inside it we can really find the insights and expectations the customer has regarding our services, products, etc. This will greatly help us to put in place action plans and resolutions to meet customer expectations.

Great, so could you give us an example of results obtained through this semantic and emotional analysis of verbatims thanks to Q°emotion?

Astrid: Exactly, so in one of our subscription paths, in this case on one of our credit cards (not to mention the Cdiscount card), there is a deposit system that does not take into account the welcome offer. It is simply a call for authorization that is made to the customer's bank but is in no way a debit.

There was a lot of misunderstanding around this direct debit authorization because the customer really believed that the total amount of his purchase was going to be debited without taking into account his welcome offer. We realized that there was a real lack of information given to the customer, which allowed us to work with the BU on this subject and to give the customers much more details via pop-ups, animations repeated several times throughout the course and finally at the time of payment. As a result, we were able to see from the data analyzed in 2022 compared to 2021 that this particular item had risen 4 degrees in terms of emotional temperature.

For us, this is a huge success because the teams have done everything possible to enlighten the customer on this stage, which is very touchy in terms of the journey since it arrives at the moment of payment. All these efforts have been rewarded by the evolution of this temperature.

Thank you very much Astrid for sharing these very concrete elements for your business and we are delighted to be able to support you in these matters!

Astrid: Thank you!

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